About Valley Joist

Valley Joist began as a small joist manufacturer in Fort Payne, Alabama in 1958. It became a subsidiary of EBSCO Industries in 1974. The essence of Valley Joist is as follows:

Valley Joist’s goal is to deliver useful products and services with results that enable improvement and growth.

The main lesson learned from our past is to put the customer first. While Valley Joist has many customers, it is important that each be respected and served as if it were the first and only. Customers teach and sponsor the ingenuity Valley Joist needs to develop better products and services. Although Valley Joist takes pride in selling, satisfied customers serve as the company’s most effective ambassadors. Valley Joist employees work for Valley Joist customers.

The women and men who provide Valley Joist’s services are the company’s most valuable asset. Valley Joist seeks people who can be both distinctively individual and cooperative within a team. Open-door communications are practiced to maintain fairness and job knowledge. Valley Joist seeks to be a good place to work and a company which can offer its employees as much opportunity as their abilities and willingness to work can handle

Nationals Stadium

Valley Joist West

Top: Valley Joist West, Fernley, NV
Right: Steel joists on a work site
Bottom Left: Washington Nationals Stadium
Courtesy of the Washington Nationals

Valley Joist sells worldwide to any market available to any of our divisions. Valley Joist is organized to furnish both operating independence and support to its business units.

Resources exist for continued development of systems and for keeping machinery and equipment productive.

With good employees who make Valley Joist their work home and with loyal customers, Valley Joist looks forward to a future filled with opportunities.

Following our tradition and goals that seek improvement and growth, Valley Joist has grown its Fort Payne operation to nearly 200 employees engaged in manufacturing, sales, engineering, and administration functions. Valley’s good quality, excellent service, and customer responsiveness are our daily operational goals.


A second brand new state of the art joist and steel deck plant – Valley West – held its grand opening in March 1998. We now have sales offices in Seattle, Phoenix, Southern California, San Francisco, and Reno, NV – we are positioned to service the Pacific Northwest and the Pacific Southwest with steel joist longspans, girders, and deck. We are building a team of engineers and detailers trained to understand and react to a demanding and code driven western market.

Thank you for learning more about Valley Joist and please use steel for its economy and strength for your next project.